Many thanks to all 14 of our host sites and to all the students, faculty and staff members who worked to make the 8th Incoming Student Community Service Project a success!

Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

Ladders and more ladders at Homeworks

How many law students can climb a ladder?


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Lots of moving of boxes at CASA

Thanks for the all help, if you want to take the next step and help abused and neglected children, there will be a training starting Oct. 18th to become a new GAL. Ask the Pro Bono Program for details


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Great Crowd at the Habitat ReStore

Heard at the ReStore: “It’s a great bonding experience and a way to get to know each other” ” I felt like I made a difference after Sarah (Habitat manager) explained how each little task really makes a difference. I also enjoyed the challenge of doing something outside my comfort zone for the benefit of others.”

Before coming to law school, what kinds of service projects were you involved in?

Donating money or fundraising, Food bank drives,God’s Pantrty

What did you learn about the organization you are working with today? Do you think you will be able to help out more in the future? “I learned how the volunteers are treated like employees and everyone wants to be there (even the young man participating in PTI).”  “I think I’ll be able to help out in the future. The employees and volunteers were thrilled to have us and were so kind to us.”

What have you learned about some of your new classmates from this experience?         Sarah Specter can lift heavy doors better than all the males that attended, including myself.    Professor Black is not afraid to get dirty.

How do the law students help your organization?

Every little thing, no matter how mediocre it seems to be, makes a difference. Here, we are moving things in a way to present the products better. The better the presentation, the more are sold. We then use 96% of our profit to buy brand new materials to help people in need. For example, if they need a bathtub, or shingles, we buy it brand new and install it. You helped do that.

Every little difference counts. We focused on presenting the items in a way that makes people want to buy them here

Habitat ReStore

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Lexington Co/ Library Irmo Branch

Dean Alford will never live down this photo of him cleaning shelves! His staff may just frame this one. Looks like this group had fun in the stacks and even enjoyed some childhood memories

Lex Co Library Irmo

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Old Files at Protection and Advocacy

Gloria Prevost, Executive Director reported that having an enthusiastic group of law student working through old files was a wonderful gift. Some of the files may have been older than the students

P & A

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Who doesn’t love a clean car? SC Legal Services does

SC Legal Services

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The Justice Pets arrived at SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center

Creighton Segars

1L Service Day helps law students understand the community that they have become a part of. Many students in my group are actually not from Columbia or even South Carolina so this is their first chance to meet members of the community that many will one day be serving. Before law school I was involved with organization such as Operation Christmas Child that packs shoeboxes with presents for underprivileged children and law school now offers me an opportunity to help in ways that were not possible before.

Sue Berkowitz

Without law students, there would be so much we wouldn’t be able to do. Students help us with everything from drafting to researching and we would be unable to help as many people as we do without them. We always tell every student who comes in for service day that we always have opportunities for them to come back and get experience. The organization is involved in so many different issues that we always have work and offer a great place to gain experience.

Professor Dalzell

1L Service Project Day is very important because it gives these new law students the chance to realize that there is so much more to the legal profession then just getting a job at a large firm. It shows these students that there are many different organizations that make all kinds of impacts and I personally enjoy the experience of meeting members of the legal community and hearing about the differences that they make and I know these 1L’s will feel the same.


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All sparkly clean at St Lawrence Place

Lots of cleaning and moving at this amazing transitional housing complex for homeless families

St Lawrence Place

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Filing, shredding, good times at the Richland Co. Public Defender’s Office

looks like they did it all from making the boxes, shredding the files, moving the files and even sorting clothes!

Professor Amy Milligan described her favorite aspect of the Incoming Law Student Community Project as, “coming together as a community for the community.”  The afternoon spent at the Public Defender’s office gave the new 1L’s the opportunity to give back to the office.  “The office does so much for the legal community.  They have almost 6000 cases a year.  It is special we can give back and do something for them.”  The students moved files, organized, and even helped with much needing shredding of documents.  Matt Mandedille says, “it was my first time at the office.  I learned we all sweat the same amount.”  The hot service day also allows students to get to know each other and the needs in Columbia.  “The program allows students to meet their friends for the next three years.  It also opens their eyes to the projects and needs they can get involved in with the city of Columbia,” says Lisa Wilcox.

Richland Co Public Defender

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